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On my 12th day in Copenhagen, after giving myself second self-tour  (i.e. intensive walking and biking) around the city.

How beautiful it is! Today, I came from work a bit earlier to pick up a parcel from a post office. It turned out I went to a wrong office. When I arrived at the right one which took me 30 minutes by bike, of course it was closed. Although it was too late for the post office, it is never too late to do something here.


Most of the time, biking is the fastest and the best way to get around the city. Also it is always good to ride a bike along the lakes, harbors, waterfront, etc. I remembered that I missed out Christiania last time. Furthermore, it has been always brought up by Danes whenever I asked them to recommend some places to check out in Copenhagen. So I went farther towards Christiania and somehow arrived at Church of Our Saviour(Vor Frelsers Kirke) instead (they are very close).

I actually had no idea what Christiania and Church of Our Saviour were (except the latter one is a church). Somehow they were saved on Google Maps as favorites (I often do that to have some places that I can randomly visit at free time. Serendipity!). My first thought in front of the church was “Oh it’s also closed.”


I didn’t know it is known for its helix spire with an external winding staircase on which people can climb. I didn’t know it has a carillon which is played every hour either. I know it sounds stupid, but honestly I was glad that the tower of the church was still open and that’s how I went up. While not knowing what’s there, I just went up, up, up.


The wooden stairs inside of the tower were really old, steep, and squeaky. Sometimes they are too narrow so that you need to stand aside and wait for people to pass by. All of these moments to get to the top were in fact exciting as well as relaxing. Somewhat like a short hiking where you unwind yourself while doing some physical activity. It wasn’t tiring at all (I wanted it to be more challenging) but still the reward, view at the top, was totally breathtaking.


I wished I could’ve stayed there forever. The gentle breeze was welcoming and warm with glorious sunshine. With this nice, perfect weather, I stared the city for a while, unconsciously. It was just, just so beautiful. I appreciated that the post office was closed and the church was closed, but the tower was open. I was lucky enough to decide to go inside to see what the tower would look like. The ticket was affordable and there were only a few people. Everything worked out unbelievably well :)


I think I was the last one who came down. I left my bike at the church and took a little walk to Christiania. Well, it was crazy. I don’t know how to describe it! It definitely adds another charming point to the city. I kind of got a sense why it is called Freetown Christiania(Fristaden Christiania). No run, no photo, just have fun. Awesome! I didn’t stay there long though :) I feel so small at a place like there, especially when I am alone.


Second weekend in Copenhagen begins within an hour. It might be the last chance that I explore this wonderful city because I am planning to go to other cities or countries from the next weekend. I can’t wait to discover the hidden beauty of the city more and more, and learn valuable lessons from the real experience I will have.

PS. I want to point out that even though I do go to tourist attractions on weekends (and mostly only post about them), it is really different with being just a tourist who is here for a short period of time with a sole purpose of tour. I think I am more attracted (and also attached) to a place when I truly know the place, not by seeing attractive surface of it, but by seeing true human life behind it. And in that context, I may already have fell in love with the city :)

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