Weekend Trip To Malmö, Sweden (June 20, 2015 – June 21, 2015)

Malmö is less than an hour away from Copenhagen. In fact, some parts of Malmö are closer to Copenhagen Airport than to Malmö Airport. It is that close ;)


I would say this is the best spot in the city. Can you see the skyline of Copenhagen in the picture right above? The pictures including several more below were taken on the way from Turning Torso to Ribersborgs Kallbadhus. If you want, you can take a walk as long as you want until you are too tired to take another step further (the coast line is seemingly endless for those who travel by foot). Personally, Turning Torso, one of the landmarks of Sweden, was not my interest. It looked just same as what I expected it to be. What always surprises me is, indeed, nature.


How to go to Malmö from Copenhagen 101: hop on a bus and take the front right seat. You will be amazed by what you see. I was lucky enough to take the best seat- and I couldn’t take my eyes off from the scenery as crossing Øresund bridge.


This is just a fraction of what you will get to see. Believe me, you will love it! When I got off at the central station of Malmö, it was around 13:30. I had two full free-days without any plan except for some favorite places (that I may or may not visit) saved on Google Maps. Well, that’s how I travel I guess.

IMG_4928 IMG_4929 IMG_4947

Although being quite similar with Copenhagen, it was still different. I was happy that I could notice some difference. At the same time, I could also understand simple (simplest) Swedish such as “Välkommen till Malmö.” It looks almost same with Danish expression, “Velkommen til Malmø”, which means “Welcome to Malmö”.

IMG_4958 IMG_4994 IMG_5031

It’s kind of sad to admit that I didn’t look up the sky that often when I was at home. All the skyscrapers blocked my sight and I was always taken away by something unimportant so that I didn’t have a moment to take a look at the sky. While I was in Vancouver, I looked up quite often, especially at night to see constellations- which was amazing since I haven’t seen any before. However, in Copenhagen, skyline is placed really low and literally most part of window at my dorm is presenting the beautiful sky all day long. Nevertheless, what I saw during the little walk along the sea was even more, simply indescribable.


* This is my 4989th picture.

Hue of the sky and clouds is more beautiful and drastic than any other places I have ever been. I thanked to this unpredictable weather in Europe since the weather forecast said it’s going to be rainy throughout the weekend. The wrong forecast was partially right- as a result, it left amazing clouds that were beautifully organized to contribute the best scenery. While relishing this wonderful weather and scenery, I wrote some postcards to my dear friends as well :)

IMG_5006 IMG_5009

I walked, walked, and walked.


I can’t say travelling alone is better or worse than travelling with others, because I feel like I almost always traveled alone. Of course there were some day trips and even several trips to other countries where I wasn’t alone- but I think I tend to remember the loneliness I had while I was all by myself. On the bright side though, whenever I travel alone, I take better pictures. A lot better (I hope ;) ).

IMG_5219 IMG_5220 IMG_5223

Also I become braver and braver. It sometimes pops up in my mind that my best friend in Germany made me shout “F*** everyone else!” at a mall. Haha, it still makes me smile. It’s funny that it actually helps me be more myself and pursue what I truly want.


Swedish houses were also very colorful and looked like houses from a fairy tale. I mean, not the one above though. Hmm, maybe? It was facing Baltic Sea (I sincerely hope it is the right name for it) and there were pretty many sailing yachts tied to the dock. There were similar places in Vancouver too but the difference is that here, people are more constantly sailing the yachts.

It became my second most favorite place to be (it is actually right next to my most favorite place) and also the last place that I visited in Malmö. I stayed there for a while, chilling, just like other people lying on the dock. Cool breeze from the sea was refreshing as well as relaxing.

IMG_5270 IMG_5272 IMG_5285

I sat down on the fence, thinking about something that I don’t remember anymore. “I’d say it was a good trip,” said that to myself. I guess I should’ve warned you that my trip or this posting really doesn’t contain much thoughts (hmm… does it mean other postings do contain some sort of meaningful stuff? umm… Not necessarily!) Well, sometimes you need this kind of moment to take a breath and keep enjoying the beauty in the life :)

I hope you too enjoy the rest of your awesome day.

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it’s all that matters.” – Audrey Hepburn



  1. Khoa says:

    kkkk I was here exactly 1 year ago with Joe and Seungrok :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mina says:

      Jealous! I was roaming around alone, taking hundreds of pictures :p


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