ARoS, Your Rainbow Panorama


ARoS, one of the biggest art museums in Europe, is well known for its circular sky-walk. You can walk inside and see the charming, growing city, Aarhus.

Filtering view with various colors gives you unique feeling. You get to realize your perception of things heavily depends on colors. Each color gives you different atmosphere to scenery. You may feel some distance from what you have known.

A little bit of overview:

IMG_5898 IMG_5895 IMG_5886 IMG_5880 IMG_5902

What it looks like from inside:

IMG_5884 IMG_5877

And what it looks like from outside:


I hope this gave you a good overlook of ARoS’ sky-walk :)

Admission Price (sky-walk is included)

  • Under 18: Free
  • Students: 90 DKK
  • Adults: 110 DKK

Opening Hours

  • Tuesday, Thursday – Sunday: 10AM – 5PM
  • Wednesday: 10AM – 10PM

2 responses to “ARoS, Your Rainbow Panorama”

  1. OMG I’ve always wanted to see this museum! I didn’t know it was in Denmark haha. I’ve seen pictures of the skywalk and it looks so cool. :D

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    1. I didn’t know you were interested in art museums! You should definitely go to ARoS then ;) The thing is, it’s a bit far from Copenhagen. You need to drive for 1.5 hour and take a ferry to get there- but it is a nice short trip which also takes about an hour or so. So when you visit Denmark some day, go for it!


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