Architecture in Aarhus


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An interesting thing I found about Aarhus is the reality you get to see when you are actually in the city. If you search for Aarhus, these will be the pictures that you will see (Look at the screenshot below). It is search result of “Architecture in Aarhus” from Google.


As you know, I love to take photos with enough time to find a good spot and try out different angles so that the object is in the best shape. So of course I tried to take looking-good photos whenever I could. But for this time, I would like to show you what’s there behind the scene ;) :


Interesting, isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong. I think it is a truly charming city with a lot of potential, which puts extraordinary effort to improve it even more! But if you have seen only those kind of pictures in the screenshot, you would be a little bit surprised. Well, I hadn’t seen them before I visited there. However, I got to see the saw-shaped houses from seaside when I first arrived in Jutland, and I thought it was too superb to be real. Now I feel like I have seen some humane part of it :)

IMG_6129IMG_5737   IMG_5742IMG_6120IMG_5905

There are also many beautiful, classy buildings- but I found Aarhus very modern and fast-growing in a sense that it has more tall and not traditional European buildings than Copenhagen. I could understand why some cities have restriction on height of architecture and some cities don’t.

No matter what, I think the location of this building below is one of the best ;)



  1. Wonjin says:

    헐 하늘색 테라스들 진짜 개예쁨

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