Moments in June

To recap what happened in June (June 1, 2015 ~ June 30, 2015)

Bispebjerg Kollegiet (1st day)

Trap Danmark (2nd day)

Tusind tak, Niels!


Distortion (4th day)


That’s my glasses!


Whoa, public men’s washroom!

IMG_4212 IMG_4213

Self-Tour in Copenhagen (5th day)

I am not gonna wait in a queue to take a picture with Andersen!


A few(?) bikes here and there.


I still haven’t tried canal tour.


Indeed. So true. I can’t agree with you more :)


Insanely gorgeous.

IMG_4434 IMG_4435

Argh, where is the mermaid?


There she is!


Where? There! :)

IMG_4489 IMG_4493

Hamburger’s bun was super crispy!


First Cooking in Copenhagen (6th day)

Second Cooking in Copenhagen which was totally worse than the first one so that I didn’t even mention about it (7th day)

Dinner with Leonni (9th day)

She is from Indonesia but grew up in Hong Kong and entered UBC which is in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where we met for the first time last year! And now we met again in Copenhage, Denmark, while she was travelling with her family and I am doing internship.

Banana Joe, the place where we were supposed to go. We ended up having sushi, ahaha ;)


Dinner with Joachim (11th day)

IMG_4635 IMG_4637

Life is full of coincidences. I have never thought I would meet someone I know from my university’s volunteering activity because I wasn’t dedicated to it compared to other members. But being fortunate enough, I got to meet him in the center of Copenhagen and it was very amusing to catch up what happened during the last two years.

Self-Tour in Copenhagen 2 (12th day)

Thai Festival (13th day)


Really? That’s how you write “Bubble Tea” in Thai? …I won’t be able to get bubble tea in Thailand.


Bakken (14th day)

Riding a bike along the sea line :)

IMG_4771_EDIT IMG_4779

Wow! Licorice vendor! I haven’t tried black licorice and never will…


Week of Omelette (14-19th day)

Trip to Malmö (20-21st day)

Am I the only one who thinks this sign is funny?


Awesome place to write postcards :)


Well, it’s also a place where human lives.


One of the moments I felt that I have changed a lot: I ordered and had steak alone.


I didn’t want to miss out so called the best steak in Malmö. Well….. maybe I expected too much ahaha.

Fried Chicken (22nd day)

Trip to Aarhus (25-28th day)

One of the best best best time in Denmark :)

I had so much unique experience there as well as learning a lot about Denmark. Among the experience, it was extraordinary that I went to a reception which was for exhibition of billiard and cigar at Gammel Estrup (The Manor Museum).

So, there were people who smoked cigar,


who played billiard,


who became part of the manor house,


and who served guests as a made.


I strongly recommend to visit both Den Gamle By and Gammel Estrup. It would be a good opportunity to learn and compare the Danish life style of the rich and the poor throughout period at a glance.

Dinner with Karen (30th day)

Her family is planning to go on a trip to Korea this month. I really hope the weather will be nice :) I realized how little I know about my country while trying to come up with recommendations of where to go, what to do, etc. and tried to search up for her as much as possible.

Her husband is a chef! As a big fan of Korean TV show, “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator”, I was excited to try his food and I was the last one who put down one’s folk and knife. Also the strawberry cake for dessert was so yummy! <3

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