Jazz Festival in Copenhagen

Jazz Five feat. Kevin Louis – Friday 10/7 2015, kl. 18:00


1. I can’t believe it took me a week to make myself walk 5 blocks and check out the festival. It had been rainy and very windy until the day before yesterday. However, the weather was too perfect to be inside yesterday. Plus, it was Friday. So, well, I guess there were *finally* enough reasons to drag myself out and enjoy the music :)


2. I instantly noticed that it was very cozy, informal, and relaxing atmosphere. Everyone was hanging out with their family, friends, neighbors, etc. Some people were having dinner or beer (or more likely both) with chats followed up by full of laughter. Some danced around the square. A father with his baby were standing very close to the stage, observing each finger’s movement.


3. It was awesome performance. Thank you, Jazz Five!

On my way back home.


4. I think I got too used to living here. When I traveled Europe last winter, I was so shocked to see these old buildings on almost every street.


5. Literally living right next to the station. :)

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