Unintended Detour

I met 10+ cows, 30+ sheeps, 50+ horses, and hundreds of slugs on my way home.

It was the very first day that I biked to work AND biked back home. The journey of coming home was so spontaneous in many ways.

It was raining and I almost immediately took a wrong path which led me to a private horse farm… ahahahahahaha (deep sigh). When I realized it’s not the way I was supposed to go, I went too far to go back. It was super muddy (because of the rain) so that I couldn’t ride a bike. Bushes were scratching my legs each time I took a step forward (deep deep sigh).

Looking back from now, I think I quietly screamed several times out of misery- hahaha meh just kidding! Actually I did. Either way, there was literally no one who could hear me but horses (and cows and sheep- I don’t know whether slugs have ears).

When I finally found a paved road (thank god), my shoes were completely soaked with mud. I assume I looked like a caveman or a hobo. After that, I went through several more rural areas, forests, parks, privately-owned farms, etc… I’m pretty sure people must have suspected what I was doing there.

Biking Routes

I left home at 5:52AM, arrived work at 7:24AM, and then left work at 3:57PM, arrived home at 5:50PM. The twisted, ugly route on the map is of course the unintended detour. It became one of the unforgettable hardcore workout I have ever done, which also gave me enough overview of Danish rural area.


Written on August 7, 2015 (Friday)

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