Generating Regular Expressions from Examples

It was rather surprising that such a simple approach can go this far, and this case study should be shared in the community. – Reviewer 1 Synthesizing Regular Expressions from Examples for Introductory Automata AssignmentsMina Lee*, Sunbeom So*, Hakjoo OhGPCE 2016Best Paper Awardpaper · poster (english) · poster (korean) · codeproposal (for senior project) Background Regular expressions? A regular … Continue reading Generating Regular Expressions from Examples


Captured a raindrop. I cannot believe it has been already a year and half since I traveled Europe by myself. In the Netherlands, I stayed in Rotterdam for three nights and went to Amsterdam only to take a train to Cologne. Despite brief trip, to me, Amsterdam was all about rain and light. Bikes–they were everywhere, rain … Continue reading Amsterdam