Amsterdam, Again


My second time in Amsterdam was more vivid, lively, and brighter than the first time. I started off the trip by walking around the city on Sunday night (which is one of the best things to do in Amsterdam). I was surprised that I could actually spot some of the places that I went two years ago. This stack of pancakes, however, I didn’t get an opportunity to have one at that time; it’s super yummy. You must try it!


I was attending an international conference, and it was very nice of the program committee to hand out a free ticket of the canal cruise to all of its participants. Also, I sincerely thank all of the people I met at the conference. Besides inspiring keynotes and talks, I think the best part of attending a conference is to meet such awesome people face-to-face: no matter which positions they are at, such as professors, students, or people from industry, they are all willing to share their interests and opinions with their great sense of humor.


This place has over 700 different kinds of beer as well as 30+ draft beer–AWESOME :) I had Blanche de Namur, and it was indeed a brilliant choice. For me, this night turned out to be the best time I had in Amsterdam thanks to these amazing people!


On my last day in Amsterdam, I got a chance to go to A’DAM Lookout and there was the Europe’s highest swing called ‘Over the Edge’. Doesn’t it look so scary and thrilling?! I would definitely try it if I visit there again–would I? To be honest, I am not an eager tourist who plans to visit all the landmarks of a city, but there are some places that I want to (re)visit if I get to travel in Amsterdam again some day :) What a cool city!


Overall, it was one of the most unique trips I’ve ever had; I went for a conference, presented my work, and discussed various interesting research topics, while having so much fun with other participants between and after the sessions. I really look forward to having many of this kind of moments in my life :) Cheers!

* More photos of Amsterdam: Google Photos

– Amsterdam, Netherlands
October 31-November 4, 2016

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