KFAS Overseas Volunteers Program

My First Time Volunteering Abroad in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

No Electricity and No English. Though they doubled the number of teachers recently, there were only three teachers for more than a hundred students at Kulen Thmei Primary School, and hence, three classes. In each class, the range of their ages varied a lot; a teacher was babysitting one boy, and the oldest girl looked like she was about to reach puberty.

IMG_1909.JPGThis little girl was the one who clung to me the most, although I bet she did that to almost everyone in our group.


I was astonished to see how superb they are at jumping rope.


The bicycles were so much bigger than the kids. I was ashamed of myself for having complained about my bike in Denmark. They were the masters of biking!


Mysterious chocolate-like candies or candy-like chocolates.


They have brought good, positive energy into my life. The smiles I saw and gave to them brightened up everyday.

Beyond the volunteering activity itself, I learned a lot from other members who did their best in teaching, communicating, and making a genuine connection with the students. I would love to volunteer more in order to help those who are in need and to experience the world different with what I have been living in.

Some group photos:


More photos available: https://goo.gl/photos/3bV8wenE9gpyg6EW8

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