Captured a raindrop. I cannot believe it has been already a year and half since I traveled Europe by myself. In the Netherlands, I stayed in Rotterdam for three nights and went to Amsterdam only to take a train to Cologne. Despite brief trip, to me, Amsterdam was all about rain and light. Bikes–they were everywhere, rain … Continue reading Amsterdam

Moments in August

To recap what happened in August (July 27, 2015 ~ August 23, 2015)


It went very fast. As the end of project was getting closer, I concentrated on work more and more. Meanwhile, I still tried to have some of my own time to relish this beautiful city as well as the wonderful weather which finally came to Copenhagen.

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Weekend Trip to Berlin, Germany (August 8, 2015 – August 9, 2015)

Part 1. How Hard It Was To Go To Berlin

Although I traveled Europe several times, I had never taken flight from one place to another within Europe. So, here is one mistake I made: I didn’t know how much time I needed to spare before the boarding time.

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