What I Know About Denmark

Listing things is boring, but I wanted to keep what I have learned in my memory (or at least on WordPress’ server so that I can look it up later).

Warning: NO OFFENSE. They might be not accurate or totally wrong. In that case, please gently inform me. These are mostly from what I saw, what I heard from people around me, and some more details I got from Google.

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Strawberry Season! Rødgrød Med Fløde!

Strawberry Yogurt

Yay for strawberry! (July 3, 2015)

Recently, I had a chance to have Rødgrød Med Fløde! I didn’t even know it was it. I just knew it was one of the super-hard-to-pronounce words that Danes usually use to make fun of foreigners ;)

It was much much better than the super simple yogurt I had at home (although it was really good too). Thanks to not only Nordic country’s outstanding strawberries but also being at the best season for them, berries in Denmark are extraordinary these days!

Rødgrød Med Fløde

I only have a picture of Rødgrød Med Fløde being made because I was too busy enjoying it when it was finally served haha :D


Weekend Trip To Malmö, Sweden (June 20, 2015 – June 21, 2015)

Malmö is less than an hour away from Copenhagen. In fact, some parts of Malmö are closer to Copenhagen Airport than to Malmö Airport. It is that close ;)


I would say this is the best spot in the city. Can you see the skyline of Copenhagen in the picture right above? The pictures including several more below were taken on the way from Turning Torso to Ribersborgs Kallbadhus. If you want, you can take a walk as long as you want until you are too tired to take another step further (the coast line is seemingly endless for those who travel by foot). Personally, Turning Torso, one of the landmarks of Sweden, was not my interest. It looked just same as what I expected it to be. What always surprises me is, indeed, nature.

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City Traveler

On my 12th day in Copenhagen, after giving myself second self-tour  (i.e. intensive walking and biking) around the city.

How beautiful it is! Today, I came from work a bit earlier to pick up a parcel from a post office. It turned out I went to a wrong office. When I arrived at the right one which took me 30 minutes by bike, of course it was closed. Although it was too late for the post office, it is never too late to do something here.


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