Captured a raindrop.

I cannot believe it has been already a year and half since I traveled Europe by myself. In the Netherlands, I stayed in Rotterdam for three nights and went to Amsterdam only to take a train to Cologne. Despite brief trip, to me, Amsterdam was all about rain and light.


Bikes–they were everywhere, rain or shine; certainly same holds for Denmark.

Finally, colorful orange reflections of light on water ripples and little waves were so beautiful and calming. I would have walked along the way forever if I could.

– Amsterdam, Netherlands
December 18, 2014


Weekend Trip To Malmö, Sweden (June 20, 2015 – June 21, 2015)

Malmö is less than an hour away from Copenhagen. In fact, some parts of Malmö are closer to Copenhagen Airport than to Malmö Airport. It is that close ;)


I would say this is the best spot in the city. Can you see the skyline of Copenhagen in the picture right above? The pictures including several more below were taken on the way from Turning Torso to Ribersborgs Kallbadhus. If you want, you can take a walk as long as you want until you are too tired to take another step further (the coast line is seemingly endless for those who travel by foot). Personally, Turning Torso, one of the landmarks of Sweden, was not my interest. It looked just same as what I expected it to be. What always surprises me is, indeed, nature.

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Photo essay in Rotterdam (December 15, 2014 ~ December 18, 2014)

Luciana with a sperm-shaped structure

“It must be a sperm.”

December 16, 2014: Everything got magically better when I arrived in Netherlands. No, it had been already incomparably better ever since I was waiting for a ferry from Harwich (you won’t be able to find Harwich if you pronounce it as ‘Har-wich’) to Hook of Holland. I liked a misty rain, somewhere-between-grey-and-blue sky, grumpy clouds of Netherlands, and even myself having no idea how to take a train.

Long story short, I managed to go to a hostel and met an amazing person, Luciana.

I wrote down in my journal just like this: Her philosophy was stunning. I was so mesmerized that I didn’t want to forget about it. Therefore I decided to write it down. I would probably stupidly paraphrase her amazing words, but the gist shall remain.

I start something with enough acknowledgement that it probably wouldn’t get to the end. For example, when you are learning something, the biggest obstacle is people telling you something like “Oh, are you learning this? Then do you know how to do this?”, “That’s not how it is supposed to be.”, or “Why did you stop learning it? You were good at it.” However, you know, even though you are trying out ten different things, you’d end up doing one or two after years. So don’t be afraid of quitting. When people ask me why, I simply answer: “Because I don’t want it anymore.” I’m the one who wanted, started, learned it, and I enjoyed as much as I wanted- that’s enough for me. I don’t need to linger on it to meet others’ expextation.

Of course I think I’m very young. People will live more than 150 years thanks to medical innovations or whatever. If that’s the case, 80-year-old is nothing. It’s just a middle stage of life! When I was young-I mean, really young-, I thought of people who are 40-year-old really really old. But as a person who is almost 40, I don’t see myself old at all. It will be the same when I become 50.

You  are indecisive and uncertain about your future not because you are young. It’s because you are open up to unlimited possibilities and opportunities in front of you that no one can dare to imagine. You don’t need to constrain yourself but be proud of yourself with a lot of potential.

IMG_1519 IMG_1599

IMG_1639 IMG_1492 IMG_1487


After spending three days with her in Rotterdam, I couldn’t fully enjoy the beauty of Amsterdam. I was all alone again.